Riverbed Wan Optimization (Steelhead)

In high latency and low bandwidth environments, it is very important to have WAN optimizers to improve user experience. WAN optimizers can setup along a VPN connection and configured to reuse TCP sessions. This allows TCP sessions to be setup without waiting for 3 link trips. In environments with 600-3000ms latencies this can mean the difference between timing out and setting up a timely session. WAN optimizers also de-duplicate traffic between endpoints, traffic over the VPN connection can be reduced up to 80%. On high cost satellite links, this can result in savings of thousands of dollars on bandwidth costs. Configured correctly the WAN optimizer can de-duplicate SSL sessions and NTLM authenticated sessions, allowing Exchange and Windows File Share sessions to be 20-80% more efficient. Riverbed also offers the Steelhead Mobile Client for laptop users. Allowing VPN users at remote sites to enjoy the benefits of de-duplicated and optimized traffic.