System Center Configuration Manager 2012/2016/1806 (SCCM)

I designed and configured our SCCM 2012 environment. We utilize SCCM for asset and license tracking. SCCM 2012 was deployed with full HTTPS support allowing us to monitor and track assets that are not locally in the office or on the VPN. HTTPS support entails deploying a Microsoft Certificate Authority with Auto Enrollment enabled and configuring appropriate enrollment policies for all Computers. I built and extended SCCM to include additional software reports, for all our major purchased software. Additional User reports and collections allow us to quickly audit Active Directory attributes, security permissions, and produces quick reports against our HR system to determine if employees are still on the payroll. Our cooperation with CDW and our advances in software tracking prompted an article in CDW’s Aptitude Magazine regarding this work.

I’ve successfully migrated and upgrade the environment through 2012->2016->1806.

I’ve recently migrated many of the software installation tasks to use Chocolatey allowing me to quickly turn around software updates without creating new SCCM packages.