Jonathan Clark – Feedback Year End Review 2022

Andrea is a self-driven, goal-focused team member who has brought huge improvements to the Platform Services and Systems team these years. She is constantly expanding her skillset to new technologies that can benefit the organization and present a clear summary of pros and cons.

Throughout the year, she is constantly asked for by name on new projects, and I have received multiple notes from other Team Leads and Project Manager singing her praises for work she’s been able to accomplish. On top of that, her drive for continuous improvements of our systems has lead to the automation of many critical tasks, reducing downtimes and MIOs and freeing up dozens of hours a week so the team can focus on new projects and manual improvements.

She is an absolute joy to work with, well deserving of her promotion, and has already begun the 2022-2023 year by leading the technical Debt project that has made record progress on correcting issues that have been largely ignored.