Microsoft Teams

Lync, Skype for Business, Teams

In 2022 I assisted with the migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

In 2015 we successfully migrated from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business 2015.
Skype for Business allows the company to quickly and effectively locate and route calls and messages to individuals in the company. Skype for Business has been deployed to all the major offices including several of our smaller offices. Skype for Business offers major benefits to our organization allowing users to quickly setup meetings, calls, and desktop sharing. This is of major benefit since users can be in remote difficult to contact locations at any time. IT uses Skype for Business to offer quick support sessions to remote users.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

At Nuna Logistics Limited I assisted with the migration to the Cloud. I successfully integrated our On-Premise Active Directory with Microsoft Azure.
I was charged with creating and configuring the ADFS authentication complete with Multi-Factor Authentication for All users.
I also configured and integrated the Azure AD Connect component.
For running VM’s and other services we provisioned an Azure ExpressRoute and
integrated the routing tables via BGP and OSPF allowing quick access to the whole company.

PowerShell Automations


As part of my daily roles I spend a lot of time automating tasks in PowerShell.
My scripts and automations include, Certificate Authority configuration and certificate issuing, IPsec GPO deployment, Application deployment, Log Cleanup, Disk Expansions, VM Automation, Big IP F5 Automations, Automatic Patching and maintenance scripting.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

I am proficient in Microsoft 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365. I can deploy (silently or otherwise) all Microsoft Office products, and can diagnose and solve almost any issue with them. I am proficient in using these products as well. I commonly build Visio diagrams for IT documentation. I’ve packaged Office 365 using Chocolatey packaging and using the SCCM deployment tools. I’ve completed setup and management of Office 365 with ADFS authentication and Directory Synchronization. In addition I’ve setup Multi Factor Authentication Company Wide.

Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange / Exchange Online

As part of the Tech Debt team we were tasked with cleaning up and improving the security of our Email systems.
This included migrating various applications to more secure configurations including isolated subdomains, SPF, DMARC, MX, and DKIM configurations

Active Directory Certificate Services

Active Directory Certificate Services

I’ve overhauled and redesigned PKI infrastructure to both improve security and reduce hands on maintenance of our Certificate Authority Infrastructure. This included redesigning the CRLs, updating and rotating root certificate authorities and implementing best Microsoft Practices

Active Directory

I am responsible for maintaining and configuring various aspects of active directory, including user permissions, Domain controllers, group management and security. I’ve configured cross forest trusts and sub-domains in AD. I’ve been actively involved in RBAC in an RBAC overhaul project to improve our security stance and best practices.

I deploy and maintain our installations of AGPM.

I’ve designed large amounts of the current group policies in the domain including hardening and security policies to comply with PCI-DSS, and CIS Benchmarks.

Windows Server

Windows Server

I maintain, upgrade, deploy and use Windows server as part of my daily duties. I’ve got an extensive knowledge of the Windows Registry, GPO’s, Active Directory, Certificate Services and PowerShell automation